Saturday, 2 March 2013

A Gift For Any Occasion

What do you get your Mum for Mothers Day when there's nothing she wants, you can't think if anything and really, you're just giving yourself a bit of brain strain trying to think?

Check out this belting little number I found on the old tinternet - The picture, in my opinion, really doesn't do it justice but I liked the idea of a personalised bottle of fizzy stuff as a gift for the mother dear.

I placed the order online and thought that it would take a while with it being personalised. Nope! Literally 2 days later and it was on its way, complete with groovy courier tracking that text you to say what time they will be there (note to any online shop or courier service, this is very, as in very, helpful).

I have to say, I was absolutely delighted when it arrived. I was that pleased with it I actually very proudly handed over the gift weeks before Mothers Day. And mother dear was rather delighted with it (which is probably a first given that my mother could find fault with a jackpot lottery win).

With some personalised gifts I have noticed in the past that they can look a bit cheap and cheerful and a bit Hallmark like. This was different. The label on the front of the bottle (the bit they personalise) is actually of a really good quality and doesn't look as though its been attached by a 5 year old with a tube of PVA. Due to the quality, it would make it something that you'd keep even after drinking it's contents so it would also be ideal for any milestone event such as a 21st, 40th, 60th, wedding, engagement, new baby etc. Honestly, I'd be delighted if I received one! (nudge, nudge, hint, hint).

I can't comment on the bottles contents as we haven't drunk that yet but given that it's not a cheap and nasty Cava then I'm sure it'll be excellent.

You can check out the rest of the range of personalised items at I will certainly be using them again.

Right, back to my normal whinge and moaning blogging. I've yet more updates to tell you about xx

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