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The Mistress's Revenge - Tamar Cohen

Update number 3 isn't coming along too well (it's proving very difficult to write) so I'm distracting myself by telling you about a fab book I read a few months ago. Plus, it's kind of appropriate given my dealings with The Foreign One.

You can guess by the blog title that it's about the book 'The Mistress's Revenge' written by Tamar Cohen.

I was in Asda browsing the book aisle, OK, that's too polite a description for me. I was desperately looking for something to read as 50 Shades of complete and utter boring had driven me to start believing that people had chosen to start reading such utter crap in their masses and I would never find a good book to read. Like seriously, after the first book did anyone actually read the next two books properly? Granted, I will admit that I bought into the hype and bought all 3 books at once. Well you do when Amazon have an offer on don't you! I read the first, yea OK, it grabbed my attention but 50 pages into the second book I was bored and found myself skim reading through, skipping the sex and the eating parts (very repetitive and boring after the 10th repetition) only reading the small part of story and action that happened and eventually putting it down, letting it gather a bit of dust next to my bed, only picking it up to read a few more pages now and then in the sheer dire hope that something more interesting might happen. Nope. I won't be holding my breath in anticipation of the film.

Back to my desperate search for something to read. It was also during the period back in the summer when I wanted to kill The Foreign One over the whole house buying scandal. This book near jumped off the shelf at me! Here was a title screaming at me. I didn't read the epilogue, flick through the pages, nope, it was swiftly chucked in the basket and off to the checkout. Revenge! It was my kinda language at the time.

OK, so I'll skip through the reading process and get to the good bits.

If you want a book that is going to tell you how to get revenge on the shit bag that's been stringing you along, then this probably isn't the right book. If you want a book that gets right under the skin of an affair, then OMG this is the book for you.

It's not the easiest of books to read. It doesn't have clearly set out chapters or structure and does tend to jump around a lot. But that's the beauty of it. It's written in the first person, Sally, the poor woman sat writing her journal type, pouring her heart out letter, to Clive, the shit bag. You are inside Sally's mind, reading her inner most thoughts and getting a birds eye view of her life falling apart while she goes quietly bonkers.

For anyone who has ever partaken in a proper affair (the sneaking around variety not the quick bunk up variety) there are so many parts of this book you will absolutely identify with. So many aspects of Clive's personality, the lines he uses, the actions he takes, the way in which he conducts himself, are so typical of a man in this position.

In Sally's character we see a very weak female who has been so captivated by Clive that she is completely under his spell. Sally isn't weak in a bad way, she has just been swept along by the emotion of her ordeal with Clive, that it consumes her to the point of nothing else in her life existing.

For the purposes of fiction, obviously the characters of Sally and Clive are written with the character traits to the extreme. But for anyone who has been in an affair or a controlling or consuming relationship, there will be elements of their personalities that you will identify with. And that is the beauty of this book. The characters come full circle by the end. Sally is dragged to hell and back but comes out the other side, life in tatters but with foundations to go on and rebuild. Clive basically gets whats coming to him and right at the end we see him for the feeble character he really is, hence the need to control and dominate the women in his life.

I have read other reviews of this book (all good btw) that focus on it being about the affair and should be a warning to anyone undertaking in such actions. Yes, it is about the affair, but to me it's more about the power that one person can have over another. How controlling, manipulating anyone can have far reaching consequences. The lesson of this book should actually be to think twice before you do anything that has an effect on someone else's life. If you carry out an action that can potentially hurt someone in any way, just remember that some day the tables may turn, and your feelings or direction in life could well be in the hands of the person you hurt.

Clive pulled Sally's strings and she made some very bad choices. She paid the price for this, but ultimately, Clive paid the higher price.

Every action has a consequence.

You can purchase this book here and I can honestly recommend it for a really good read.

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