Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Lets Hear It For The Girls

I do like a good bit of TV. Although sometimes I watch just a teeny weeny bit too much. And I'm not limited in my tastes either. Everything from Dr Who to Downtown all through the soap and then just throw in a few American shows (ER will forever be my favourite!) and yes, I suppose I'm a slight TV addict.

I do like to take a look through the reviews in January for new shows stateside. Listings, ratings are BIG business over there. We've all heard about the astronomical amounts of money paid for advertising space during the Superbowl final. Other big shows command large advertising rates too, and you tend to find that the shows attracting the big $$$ will sooner or later make their way onto our screens over here.

So then I found this little beauty. Girls. The second season started on HBO at the weekend and season 1 was aired in the UK last October on Sky Atlantic, although given this isn't a main stream channel a lot of us would have missed it (note to Sky - well worth a repeat). In it's first season it won an Emmy and just yesterday it picked up 2 Golden Globes.

Think Sex and the City, minus the glamour. New York but a bit more Brooklyn. SATC is referenced as the inspiration behind the main characters move to New York to follow her dreams (of becoming a writer). Probably more comedy than SATC, but don't expect as many fancy shoes. Girls is written by Lena Dunham, who also stars in this show, which is probably semi autobiographical. Well they do say write about what you know!

Take a look, probably have a bit of a laugh and enjoy the scenery. You can read a review here http://www.casinotop10.net/magic-in-the-middle-5-must-see-mid-season-tv-shows along with others set to start this season (Shameless in Chicago! It just doesn't seem right ha ha)!

I wonder if HBO would be interested in a version of Girls set in a northern town, with all the characters having broad northern accents, really boring jobs, no sunshine, no nice scenery but loads of bad boys? Good idea? No? Back to the drawing board then? Yep!

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  1. I think this might have to be my next Netflix show. I don't have HBO, but I have heard nothing but good things about Girls. This is a great review! :) Stopping by from SITS.