Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Yummy Mammy: The Movie

Before you all get excited, no, Hollywood has not snapped me up and I'm not off to La La Land to become rich and famous and forget about you all. But after a few comments on my previous post about movies and soap opera scripts, I thought to myself, "Who would play me in the movie?". I didn't have to think for very long. So here's my very own cast.


This one was easy to cast. Why, Pammy of course.

We have the same body (look, I openly admit mine aren't really) but boys don't all jump at once, I'm not as toned and tanned as Pammy, but I'm sure she'd fit the bill nicely. Although she'd need a hair cut, I'm more of a Pob cut. We have a few other things in common as well, a parchment for bad boys, the single mother thing, well that's when she's not rocking on with bad boy rockers.

Mr Ten Years Younger

I opted for Jesse Metcalf. There aren't any similarities between him and Ten Years Younger, well apart from being young and handsome but figured he would "act" the part well after his experience in Desperate Housewives and I'm sure Pammy wouldn't object to a bunk up or two with him.

He Whose Name.....

Callum Best. For those of you unaware of who Callum is, I think I can sum him up by comparing him to He Whose Name....... A womanising lothario, would struggle to do a days work in his life, dodgy accent, will take your heart and leaving you not even realising he's gone. Callum would fit the bill perfectly. Just add a few pounds and lose the devilish good looks and he'd could almost be the double for He Whose Name.....

Dr Dick

Orlando Bloom. Personality wise, wouldn't have a clue, but looks wise, yep, a striking resemblance.


As himself

Rugger Bugger

Sorry I have no idea why I cast Simon Cowell as Rugger Bugger but for some odd reason he just popped into my mind and the more I thought about it the more I just couldn't think of anyone else.

But now I have one more to cast. If I'm supposed to be looking for my ideal man, then who could play him? My darlings meet Mr Perfect

You know the other week when I confessed I had a big teenage crush on one of The Script, well this is him, the drummer. And he could well knock Jason Orange off his prized perch of being my ultimate celebrity crush if he carries on being so god damn handsome.

So come on then, it's over to you, who would be cast in the film of your life? And if anyone says bloody Van Day then they are barred!


  1. GREAT cast! Love it!!!

    My cast? George Clooney of course, and throw in some Joshua Radin!

  2. Love this post! LOL...if they cast me in a movie I guess it would be Kelly Rowland (fmr member of Destiny's Child) because in the past people said I resembled her. I'd have to think about the supporting cast. LOL. :o) I hope that you're feeling better now.

  3. Very fanciful but made me smile

    I would be Joe 90 in my film of my life and if you were Pam,I would look forward to my head being crushed and getting my strings tangled !

  4. Nice post, Howard Marks the Real Mr Nice would play Nicey, my ex would be a cross between courtney love and Amy Winehouse, the Current Mrs Nicey would prolly be Kyria Knightly or Uma Thurman - Now thats a msah up...

  5. Good choices!

    I'd love Scarlett Johannson (sp?) to play me. Emily Blunt would play my best friend. And my Mr Perfect? Well that's gotta be Patrick Dempsey!


  6. LOL this is so funny. Love the idea. Don't hate me if I steal it.

  7. Howdy sitsta! Happy Wednesday. Checking in on Hump Day. Tonight begins Passover. Only 4 days until Easter. Celebrate!
    Zen Cupcake

  8. Nice post. Like your cast. Unfortunately there are no leading men in my life apart from my husband, so one will have to do (as much as I'd like a few others). Did I really say that?!! Hee hee.

    Well my husband is French so it would have to be a Frenchman with a beautiful accent - what about Jean-Marc Barr from The Big Blue? Ooh to die for...

    And as for me, hmm not sure. Quite like Kate from Lost...what's her name? Evangeline Lily. Somone with a bit of adventure who the boys all fancy (in my dreams)!!

  9. lol at you David van Day comment!!!
    You made me laugh again.
    You'll be pleased to know I am now dreaming about Dick Van Dyke.....whats with the DVD's I wonder!

    Now my movie, well it hasn't got as much of a cast as yours. I think Catherine Zeta Jones would be me....same colour hair....that's about it.

    Daniel O'Donnell would be hubby...when hubby was younger he looked quite like him....thankfully he doesn't sing like him...or sadly have his money.

  10. This is a cute post. Man, I don't know who I would get to play me in a movie. I don't think any actors are crazy enough to take on the roll!

  11. Great choices. I approve.

    Morgan Mandel

  12. That's brilliant, I don't think my life is as exciting as yours (been with same guy for 11 years, yawn but he's a great guy!)

    In fantasy land I would be played by Scarlett Johanson and my man would have to be played by Colin Farrell. Phwoar!

  13. Funny idea, I would need to think about it. Hope you have a good holiday sounds like you need a break - after catching up on your Twitters.