Monday, 9 March 2009

It's Nice to be Nice.......... Sometimes

Happy Monday to you all :-)

Alright so sarcasm isn't always my strong point. Aren't Mondays just naff? It always rains, well in Ireland doesn't it rain every day, isn't that why the grass is so green? The traffic is always crap and some numpty falls asleep at the lights and holds the traffic up even more. You can't find something decent to wear for work and after you've done the school run and reach for your fags, damn, you realise you've run out.

Guess what - I didn't have a great Monday.

But moving swiftly on. My dating dilemma from the weekend. I ditched the lot of them and did a nice thing and probably got more satisfaction than going out with any of the Plan Men.

Friend with a Million Kids had mentioned it's her wedding anniversary next week. They've been married for about a million years, hence all the kids. Her hubby was recently put on short time and since then they've been struggling to make ends meet. I asked her what they had planned for their anniversary and she told me nothing, they couldn't afford it and even if they could afford a night out they couldn't afford a babysitter as well. And there's me with two tickets for Il Divo, that I didn't particularly want.

I gave the tickets to Friend with a Million Kids, told her and hubby to doll themselves up, organised her brother to give them a lift there and back and I arrived at their house at 6.30pm with a pizza delivery menu in hand and offered to mind the million kids. And even though looking after all those kids was no picnic, we actually had a great time. We played Wii games and then watched a DVD. They are a well trained bunch and very well behaved and by 10.30pm I had them all tucked up in bed, fed and watered and fairly happy. Friend and hubby arrived home at midnight, we had a couple of glasses of wine (courtesy of a nice rep from Friday) and I left with a very nice feeling that I'd done a good deed.

Sunday started well. Small child arrived home and we ventured off to Borders and left €60 lighter (god damn those shiny sale stickers). But then our day was upset by small child telling me of Batmans latest quizzing. I resisted the urge to go round and punch him and the bint and spent the rest of the day and night in a bad mood and trying to hide it from small child. Although that was lifted when I heard small child on the phone to him tonight telling him not to be asking her and if he wanted to know then ask Mammy. Naturally he didn't ask to speak to me and I did ask small child what had been said. I smiled to myself - one in the eye ;-)

Happy mode will return tomorrow.


  1. That was such a lovely thing to do for your friends! :o)

  2. After the list of all the men chasing after you, your dating give the tickets to a couple needing a night out. What a great friend you are! That is excellent karma and it will bounce back to you just when you need it. I will be watching this space...

  3. Well done you, I bet you felt doing something like that, nice one....


  4. You did do a nice thing and considering your other options I think was the best choice.

    Good for small child telling Batman to MYOB!

  5. What a lovely thing to do....aren't you a pet :D

  6. Thanks for stopping by. Love the way you write, very uplifting.
    You got me extremely impressed with your totty slideshow. I thought they were for real. (I am VERY bad with faces...)

  7. Thank you all, and yes I did feel great for doing it, and no hangover or bad date to report - bonus!

    Irish Mammy - I'm soooooo hoping for that good karma

    Metro Mum - now come on, if I was dating any of those hotties do you really think I'd be on here writing about my crap men. But I like my fantasy men, they live in my computer and don't answer back :-)

  8. That was a really lovely thing you did. I hope your friend had a great night!

  9. Thanks for joining my gang. You are a great friend for doing that. Where were you when I needed someone like that a few years back? Apart from on the other side of the ocean that is.