Thursday, 5 March 2009

Dating Dilemmas - 4MP Update

I have a bit of a dilemma for this weekend. Sometimes it's so tough being me (*note, that really is meant very tongue in cheek). I have a number of date options and I'm not sure which one to take. So I think it must be time for a plan update. So, the story so far;

1. DJ Boy - the nasty man from last year has reared his ugly head again. He shouldn't really be in the plan as there is no way on earth I would go near him in a million years. Plus I have gossip about him which I will probably share with you tomorrow. Therefore he is struck from the plan, never to return.

2. He Whose Name..... after the 3am texts, I think not. Struck from the plan, and after a years absence from my life I think it's time for him to go for good this time.

3. Smut Boy - he called last night. This is a tough one to call really. On the surface he is nice, would tick the boxes, but I also know from the gossip grapevine that he's a first class player. As we know from He Whose Name..., leopards don't change their spots. Luckily he's over in England, living near my Mum (where I grew up) so he doesn't figure in this weeks dilemma. He called because when I was over there last week I sort of dodged him. I "forgot" to let him know that I was over but then I was coming out of the shop and bumped straight into number 4, went to cross the road and Smut Boy drives past. Awkward moment there. I told him I'd be in the local pub that night but he didn't get a word in edge ways as I was surrounded by fellow Yummy Mammy's. In last nights call I said that I just wanted to spend time with my friends last week due to tough times with Batman. He bought it, with a promise to meet up next time I'm over. We'll keep him in the plan for now.

4. The Strange One - if he wasn't strange this one would be top of the class of ticking all the boxes. He's a fine bit of stuff, good job, nice house, kids from previous and gets the whole single parent thing. Set back one is that he too lives back in the home town, right by my mother. Set back number two - he's more hot and cold than a blooming mixer tap. When I bumped into him last year he couldn't wait to get my number off me. He was all texts and calls for a month or so, then nothing. Then just before Christmas he was at it again. I saw him over Christmas, all great, then nothing again. Bumped into him last week (see number 3) and he was eager to meet again. He too was in the local pub that night. Given that 3 & 4 where there and it could have been a tricky situation, I stayed sat with the girls for the night, having brief conversation with both of them when passing going to the toilets / smoke. We'll keep him in the plan for now, but if there is anymore nothingness then he's ditched from the plan.

5. Mr Semi Famous - ahhhhhhhhhhhh. I actually got my first experience of seeing him doing his famous for thing today. It was a surreal moment. Anyway a plan has now been hatched and contact will be established shortly. Saying no more on the subject, don't want to jinx it. So he firmly stays in the plan.

6. Mr Ten Years Younger - following on from last weekend he text earlier in the week and then called yesterday. He wants to repay me for last weeks ticket by taking me out this weekend. Hang on, back track there. He wanted to take me out last night. I reminded him of small child and told him no babysitter. He asked if Batman could do it. I asked him if he was mad and when did Batman ever do anything to help me out. He then asked about Friday. Sorry can't do Friday, then had to think of an excuse. The truth is I can't do Friday as I have 5000 words to hammer out before I meet editor (promoted to personal assistant when I discovered social networking) on Saturday morning. I have a deadline that at the moment looks harder to achieve than flying to the moon, and editor will hang me upside down by my g-string if I don't have something to rock up with come Saturday. But can't tell him that because then he'd ask what that was all about, and I can hardly tell him that He Whose Name has a staring role in my master piece and I've had sleepless nights and cold sweats over the libel issues, but editor says that the stuff is too good to waste and "needs" to be in print, so the character has had a complete overhaul and now you wouldn't know him at all (well OK, now you all do, but shhhhhhh, don't let on will ya, cheers). Right I digress somewhat. So I put him off Friday and suggested Saturday, perhaps, maybe, let me get back to you on that one. He suggested town, drinks, drinks, drinks. Me thinks he means, get me drunk in the hope of a bunk up afterwards. He can stay in the plan for now just for being god damn hot and rules state that a second date is required.

7. Rugger Bugger - bad name, but I couldn't think of anything else at this time of night. He was one of the business cards I acquired last week at the match. We've emailed a few times during the week and he's suggested dinner on Saturday night. He's nice enough, perhaps wouldn't tick all my boxes (I know I say this but I haven't quite figured out yet what my boxes are), 39, divorced, no kids, very good job, nice manners and will probably take me somewhere nice. We'll fit him in the plan and make some time for him, but Saturday still remains a problem.

The problem is that my free ticket friend has come up with tickets for Il Divo on Saturday night. Something a bit different but fancy giving it a shot. I can't see Mr Ten Years Younger going for that, perhaps Rugger Bugger would, but I've also mentioned it to Friend with a Million Kids who really, really wants to go. I might just toss a coin on this one, not sure how I can do that three ways, but I'm sure I'll figure it out. On the other hand I could see who makes the best pleas to have my company on Saturday night.

It's such a hard life sometimes (really big laugh inserted there) or in social networking terms - lol.


  1. It's tough at the top eh? (it's even worse at the bottom).
    I think if I was single I would just try and enjoy my dating time with the person (people) I enjoyed the most. Don't worry about ticking the boxes, as you might find out something you like (or worse don't like) the more time you spend with them. From what I can read no.6 and no.7 seem the most unknown at the present. No.6 has gotten alot of space on your descriptions...could that tell you something?

  2. Blimey!
    I'm actually hugely jealous of the Il Divo tickets - I've always loved those gorgeous boys and will forever regret not molesting them when I bumped into them at Heathrow when they were barely heard of ;o)
    Rugger Bugger sounds nice ;)

  3. I'd keep 5,6 and 7 for a bit longer...not sure about the rest...aren't you lucky having a choice.
    Il divo...oh you poor thing...I'd give the tickets to Batman.

  4. Yeah, sucks to be you. ;) Sounds like you're keeping busy enough and lots to choose from. That's always good. have a great Saturday night wahtever you decide to do!