Friday, 27 February 2009

Potential Outfit Disaster

I'm busy planning this weekends outings and may have hit a wardrobe malfunction.

Being the queen of blagging that I am I seem to have done very well on the freebies this week. First was a very fancy free lunch on Wednesday at Carlton House, courtesy of a very nice (but married) rep trying to sell me expensive items (boring day job stuff). I won't be buying from him but the lunch was fab.

Next was a present from my boss. A lovely new Blackberry Storm phone. I'm not sure if he was dropping a hint, i.e. work more while on the go and don't dodge my calls, or if he'd done a deal with Vodafone for a few freebies. Pretty sure he hasn't done a deal as they always give me the freebies, which leads me to the next present, a mobile internet gadget thingy (can't remember what it's called) that I plug into my laptop while sitting in Starbucks pretending to be at a meeting. So I can now be in work when technically I'm not.

So the present stakes started to hot up and the good stuff started to arrive. First, a couple of VIP's to Snow Patrol tomorrow night at the O2 (formerly The Point). I was half expecting them anyway, but still let out a little shriek of excitement when the tickets landed in my hand. But then the big one arrived this morning - two tickets for tomorrows rugby at Croker. Oh happy days, 80 minutes of dribbling whilst looking at BOD (Brian O'Driscoll to the non-rugby followers). Irelands own version of David Beckham (well sort of) will get my undivided attention whether he likes it or not. Naturally this will happen from my corporate box with a Heino in hand. Did I ever tell you about the time I met him and gave him the wrong phone number? I digress, but it was during the days of He Whose Name Shall Never Pass My Lips.

Problem though. I will have to go straight from the rugby to the O2, no time to change. What on earth do I wear that will be suitable for both? And is it socially acceptable to turn up to a rugby match in heels? And there has been talk of an after party, meet and greet thingy afterwards. Not only will I be on the drink all day, but I'll be in the same clothes as well. That may not produce a good look by 11pm tomorrow night when I start eyeing up the opposite sex with high hopes in mind.

So, please help. What do I wear????



  1. Rugby you lucky bugger - enjoy,
    C'Mon Eng-er-land !!


  2. Over-sized bags are your friend. You can wear flat shoes with your outfit to the rugby and have a pair of killer heels in your bag for afters! Smuggle a glittery top in there too, and you're all set for any afterparties!

    Also, very jealous of your job right now. I want freebies!!

    Good luck and have fun!

  3. Trust me, you would not be jealous if you had to sit here at 5pm on a Friday doing a cost analysis thingy that I'm trying to get done quick to cover up the amount of none work stuff I do all day. Plus I work with smelly men so I deserve all the freebies lol xx

  4. wow what a weekend and well done on the freebies!!! How brilliant.

  5. Far too tired today, but I'll update you all later - very interesting day indeed ;-)
    Off to feed small child a McDonalds for Sunday dinner, whoops there goes my mother of the year award (again)